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The big intestine's (rectum) and anus's blood vessels at their ends bulge or enlarge in hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone at any age, however they are more frequent in those over 50, in pregnant women, and in obese people.

Hemorrhoids still have an unknown precise cause. However, it is believed that this illness is linked to elevated blood pressure in or near the anus. The rectum's veins enlarge and inflammatory response is brought on by this pressure. Pain around the anus, a lump that hangs outside the anus and hurts to the touch, bleeding from the anus with fresh red blood, and leaking after defecation are the hemorrhoid symptoms that are most noticeable and irritating for the patient. Hemorrhoids can also result in a few uncommon side effects, including anemia, twisted hemorrhoids, blood clots, and skin damage.
Drugs can be used to treat hemorrhoids, either over-the-counter at pharmacies or with a prescription from a doctor. Creams, ointments, and suppositories are just a few examples of over-the-counter drug forms. These drugs can be used to reduce hemorrhoids' swelling and irritation. A corticosteroid cream will be advised by the doctor if there is irritation in or around the anus. It's crucial to keep in mind that using this cream for longer than 7 days can cause skin around the anus to weaken and aggravate inflammation. One medication that can aid with hemorrhoid pain relief is paracetamol. Codeine-based pain relievers should not be used as they can aggravate or cause constipation. Prescribed laxatives by the doctor to cure constipation. These drug will aid in making defecation easier. Ambeven is effective for treating hemorrhoids' symptoms as well as reducing anus (rectal) pain and halting hemorrhoid-related bleeding. Additionally, it helps soften stools. The process of defecating will be simpler as a result. It can be consumed by being swallowed whole together with a glass of water. Ambeven can actually be taken with or without food. However, it is strongly advised to take it right after eating. If experiencing an allergic response or any other strange adverse effects, stop taking this medication. To receive more medical care, seek medical advice right away.

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