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Cardiovascular disease is one of the diseases that has a fairly high mortality rate in the world.  consistent with  WHO data in 2012, around 17.5 million people have died per annum due to cardiovascular disease with an incidence rate of 80% occurring in developing countries.

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In general, the disorder can affect all ages, and the danger of developing cardiovascular disease increases with age. In men, the danger will increase after the age of 45 years, while in women it increases after the age of 55 years or after experiencing menopause. Lately, many children are affected by cardiovascular disease,  this is often because many young people have diabetes or are obese.

70% who are obese have a 2 times higher risk of developing a disorder.  Aside from causing death, the disorder can also cause permanent paralysis for sufferers.

Many assume that ladies are more protected from cardiovascular disease so that the treatment becomes less aggressive and appropriate. Whereas when women enter menopause or when women experience hormonal dysfunction problems,  the danger of cardiovascular disease increases to 7 times higher than men.

One of the drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease is an anticoagulant, where an anticoagulant may be a  type of drug used to reduce the risk of blood clots. A  grume is a mass that forms from platelets and fibrins to stop bleeding. This medicine prevents or destroys clots that are within the bloodstream. Anticoagulants are widely utilized in patients who have cardiovascular disease or problems in blood circulation.

Patients with the disorder will receive anticoagulant therapy. The anticoagulant Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin (LMWH)/Fondaparinux is the most widely used because it minimizes patient contact and does not require aPTT monitoring.

The use of this anticoagulant is based on the patient's weight, where the typical body weight of cardiovascular patients is 65.38 kg. Patients with lower weight require lower doses of anticoagulants,  this is often because the patient's fat tissue is less so it does not interfere with the anticoagulant absorption process. Bleeding is one of the side effects that occur in patients taking anticoagulants.

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